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About E-Procurement

E-procurement information

Bidders may submit their bids electronically as per specific procedures and requirements as specified in the instructions to bidders (ITB).
general procedures for electronic bid submission (e-submission) is described below.

Bid preparation
A bidder who wish to submit the bid electronically may purchase the bid document directly from the buyer office or may deposit the equivalent amount in the revenue account of the employeer specified in the notice or/and bid document
Description of bid submission procedure through electronically (e-submission) only:
i) Interested bidders shall, at first, purchase the bidding documents from the buyers office or may download the bidding documents from e-procurement website and deposit the equivalent amount in the revenue account of the buyer as specified in the tender notice.
ii) The bidder shall fill the following documents and forms (in hard copy of issued bid documents), signed by the authorized representative with seal of the company.
a) Bill of Quantity (BoQ) with rate, amount
b) Forms of bid, qualification information
iii) The bidder shall then scan the completed original documents, forms in pdf files with appropriate filename shown in the table below.


pdf file name




form of bid

bid form -1



bid security (bank guarantee)

bid security-2



company registration,

company reg-3


all firms in case of jv


vat registration,

vat reg-4

for national firms

all firms in case of jv


tax clearances certificate,


for national firms

all firms in case of jv


power of attorney of bid signatory

power of att-6



joint venture agreement

jv doc-7


in case of jv

8bidders technical proposaltechnical-8mandatory


qualification information




boq with rate, amount and total amount



11declaration of eligibility to bid as per public procurement rules, 2064 rule 40 (2) edeclarationletter-11mandatory
12scanned copy of bid purchase receiptreceipt-11mandatory

Note : mandatory means the mentioned files shall be in e-submission and non submission of such file shall be considered as non-responsive.
iv) For e-submission purpose the bidder shall, at first, register in the e-procurement section of Nepal Armys website
v) After preparing all the required bidding documents in pdf scan files as specified in (ii) and (iii), the bidder shall upload the pdf bid files and submit his complete bid online through e-procurement section of Nepal Armys website within the specified date and time.
The buyer address for the purpose of e-submission of bid
The buyers address for the purpose of electronic bid submission is e-procurement section of
In case of e-submission of bid, the bidder shall submit his bid electronically in pdf files in the manner as specified above and additional submission of hard copy of Original plus one copy of bid is not mandatory.
in case both the electronic bid and original bid in hard copy are submitted to the buyer within the specified time period, the bidders electronic bid and original bid in hard copy will be accepted for evaluation provided the bid price in bill of quantity sheet is same. if there is any discrepancy in bid price in bill of quantity between the electronic and original bid in hard copy it will be treated as two separate bids from one bidder and hence, both the electronic bid and original bid in hard copy shall be disqualified, as per ITB clause.
however, for electronically submitted bid in pdf files, the bidder shall be required to submit documents/clarifications as specified in ITB clause.
The provision for e-submission of bids shall be
i) bidders shall be also explained about the details of e-submission procedures in the pre-bid meeting.
ii) the e-procurement system will accept the e-submission of bid during office hours from the date after publishing the notice and will automatically not allow the e-submission of bid after the deadline for submission of bid, as specified above.
iii) the standard time for e-submission is nepalese standard time as set out in the server of Nepal Army .
iv) in case of e-submission of bid, the bidder shall submit his bid electronically in pdf files in the manner as specified in itb clause only, and submission of Original plus one copy shall not be required before deadline for submission time as per ITB clause.
Provision for substitution or modification or withdrawal of bid
when a bidder submits his bid in hard copy the e-procurement section does not allow the bidder to submit his substitution, or modification, or withdrawal through e-procurement section of Nepal Army web site.
In case of e-submitted bid
i) Bidders may submit his substitution or modification or withdrawal either in hard copy or through e-submission.
ii) For substitution of bid the bidder shall follow similar steps as specified in ITB clause with a substitution letter in pdf file.
iii) For modification or withdrawal of bid the bidder is required to submit pdf scan copy of their modification or withdrawal letter and a written power of attorney of the signatory for modification/ withdrawal, duly signed by authorized representative/s of the firm / all authorized joint venture partners.

Bid opening for e-submitted bid~
i) Electronically submitted bid shall be opened first at the same time and date as specified in the ITB and IFB notice.
ii) The e-procurement system allows the buyer to download and open the e-submitted bid files from bidders only after the time for opening the bids.
iii) The e-submitted bids must be readable through open standards interfaces. unreadable and or partially submitted bid files (not complying the itb clauses) shall be considered incomplete and rejected for further bid evaluation.
iv) After opening of e-submitted bids files, all files shall be printed and recorded at the time of bid opening.
in case of Witdrawal or Modification or Substitution by the bidder through e-submission, the e-submitted pdf files under Witdrawal or Modification or Substitution shall be opened and read out first. bids for which acceptable notice of Witdrawal or Substitution has been submitted pursuant to ITB clause shall not be opened.

Clarification of bid
In case of e-submission of bid, the bidder shall be required to submit the original completed bid consisting of forms of bid, qualification information, special conditions of contract, bill of quantities, supplementary information and other clarifications for verification purpose upon notification to do so from the buyer.

Examination of e-submitted bids and determination of responsiveness
For a e-submitted bid to be substantially responsive the requirement as specified in the ITB clauses shall be fulfilled.

Evaluation and comparison of e-submitted bids

  1. In case of e-submitted bids, the buyer evaluates the bid based on the information as per electronically submitted bid files. for clarification/ verification purpose, the buyer may request the bidder to submit documents/ clarifications as specified in itb clause.
  2. In case, the bidder could not substantiate or provide evidence to prove the information provided in e-submitted bid through documents/ clarifications as per itb clause, the bid shall not be considered for further evaluation and respective itb clause for forfeiture of bid security shall be applicable.

steps to be followed by a bidder to submit the electronic bid submission

1. Prepare the paper bid document

  • Purchase the bid document (hard copy) from buyer or download bid document (soft copy) office,
  • Fill the rates and amount in boq,
  • Fill the bid form,
  • Prepare the necessary copy of company registration, vat/pan registration , tax clearance certificate,
  • Prepare the necessary specific papers like power of attorney for bid signatory, joint venture agreement, if bidding in jv,
  • Prepare summary of qualification information sheet (financial turnover, experience, manpower, equipment, credit line, litigation etc) in the specified format,
  • Prepare the bid guarantee letter for the specified bid security amount and in the specified format,

2. Prepare the electronic bid files in pdf format

  • Once prepared the above paper documents the bidder shall prepare the electronic bid files in pdf format as follows.
  • Scan the above documents in pdf format, give the specific file name for each document,
  • Prepare all scanned bid files in pdf format and save them in a separate folder in own computer to ease bid uploading process,

3. Electronic bid submission

  • Once the electronic bid files are ready the bidder shall connect to internet.
  • Open the Nepal Armys website
  • Register in the bidders name and get user name and password for login.
  • Confirm the registration by clicking the specified link in auto generated e-mail from Nepal Armys web site.
  • After confirmation for bidders registration click bidder, fill user name, password and login,
  • Choose and click the specific tender notice for which the electronic bid files has been prepared.
  • Click the bid now button to submit the electronic bid files.
  • Upload each specified electronic bid files by clicking the upload button and select the respective bid files by browsing.
  • Once all the electronic bid files are uploaded, click the submit the bid button for final e-submission of electronic bid.
  • Once the e-submission is successfully completed the bidder shall receive a auto generated confirmation e-mail from the Nepal Armys website.
  • Bidder is required to keep the conventional paper bid document , qualification information, and other related documents safe as the buyer may seek the supporting bid documents and clarifications, as necessary during bid evaluation process.
  • The bidder shall submit the necessary supporting documents and clarifications (conventional bid document).


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